Thanks to everyone who gave me these gifts! I really appreciate each one of them! =^__^=

If you want to send me fanart (because that would be so cool
of you! XD lol), either note me on deviantart (my screenname
is firefly376) or email me at


By mesapoo

By skylite-compass

By arknorth

By Demi

By Madison

By KamikazeWalrus

By Celeyo

By autumncoloredmelodie

By AlexisNeo

By SilentJ75

By Tikmana

By StaraLaura

Contest Entries (2007-08)

By mesapoo (Runner-Up Art)

By starbrightseeker

By yuna-chicky-yummy

By keyblade-wielder

By Dexuz

By Mimiche (1st Place Art)

By deceivingxpurexeyes

By autumncoloredmelodie

Fanfiction (Contest 2007-08)

Candy Canes by frenzoid (1st Place Writing)

I Won't Forget This Christmas by Yamashina-chan (Runner-Up Writing)

Contest Entries (2008-09)

By Kitaku

By AutumnColoredMelodie

By Celeyo (First Place)

By KamikazeWalrus (Second Place)

By Xiori

By Yuna-Chicky-Yummy

By Mangachick420

By Bodici22

Contest Entries (2009-10)

By VampiricKitten

By TheDarkDeath

By Celeyo (Honorable Mention)

By Chen-san

By Broken-chan

By Loki-Lou

By Xiori

By Bodici22

By xTRINOx (Third Place)

By ArcaneLucidity

By JennyShort (Honorable Mention)

By SemiBlonde

By Keicea

By Sumomo-Hanako (Second Place)

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