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April 2nd, 2010, 7:44 pm

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Author's Comments:


*cough cough* Yeah.. these pages are totally NOT two days late... >_>

lol, The Evil Dr. Bubonieas is kind of an inside joke for myself. XD *gets shot* Basically, for my class I had to do a powerpoint presentation about an insect, which we were assigned. I got the Oriental Rat Flea, which is famous for infecting rats that then spread the Black Plague across Europe way back when. We were told to be creative with our presentations, so I made my slideshow about the Evil Dr. Bubonieas, a super-villain. XD It was basically a picture of a flea with a cape, top hat, cane, monocle, and sinister mustache.

I KNOW I CAN'T DRAW TVs! T-T I didn't bother with a reference... OTL

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User's Comments:


The T.V. looks fine to me.
Speaking of which, I couldn't help but click the First button and your improvement is astounding. I thought you were really good when I started reading and you're even better now. <3

Also, you made that project amazing from the sounds of it. XD


I love the okami poster thingy in the background and the unicorns in the T.V.


I've been reading this from the beginning but never really commented X_X major fail on my part, especially since this is hilarious XD




Oh hey, it's the weird multicolor seahorses again! 8D And yay Okami poster! 8D


eep! so thats where they where hiding?

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