Ch 5 Page 3

February 18th, 2010, 12:55 am

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Author's Comments:


Blegh... I don't feel well at all. ><
I'm getting congestion, and my ears are all stopped up, and my chest is hurting. >< *falls over dead*

Errr, I know I skimped out on the backgrounds a little bit for this one. I was already running VERY behind on getting these pages out on time... so I guess I rushed a little?

Umm... I don't have too much to say about the pages today. D: Sorry.
Mischievous Rosie is mischievous.

Show your support with a comment/feedback! It really helps me to understand what you guys like or don't like. :3


User's Comments:


That Rosie face freaking KILLS me. XDDDD
I'm so intrigued to see what she has planned. LOL!


her very scary XD
what is Rosie planning in that evil little mind of hers?! XD
Dawww hope you feel better :C


Ruh-roh... owo;;




It's always the cutest little girls [mawhahaha]x3 I love the creepy colors in the last panel =3

Lite Side o' d Force,

XD My gosh, I actually know a little girl that smiles like that. Thanks for reminding me!

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