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August 19th, 2009, 6:08 pm

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Author's Comments:


Graph Paper is back on track!
Oh Asura... you sloppy sloppy boy. And you share utensils? How shameful! XD

.....blegh. *falls over dead*
Headaches suck. ><

Just a reminder to PLEASE give me some kind of feedback. XD Show your support! It makes a happy author/artist!


User's Comments:

Childproof Cap,

*wheeze wheeze* I just read through the whole thing *huff puff* and I can't stop laughing. The giggles! They won't stop coming out!


Eat it just eat it!!!


lol funny reaction


NOOO! I want some.


Why did they put urine in the Snocone?


Snocone! I always liked cherry or strawberry. X3


To xtrinox: You'll just have to wait and seee.... XD

To TCF: If urine is green then I guess that's what they did, but on my planet urine is yellow.... XD But no, it's poison, not urine.

To Pingu: Oh man, cherry is one of my FAVORITE snocone flavors. XD

To everyone else: Thanks so much for the support and comments! You're all sweethearts! *o*


Yellow urine? Haha, losers.


I...I have missed so many pages. ;_; And I was a faithful reviewer, too...sorry, sorry, a thousand times sorry...

My feedback:

I LOVE the new style!! It's awesome! Not only that, but I never thought Fang looked like a girl. (But then I'm quite used to androgynous boys; I draw them, read comics with them, love bands with them...)

Something I have to say is, I LOVE Rosie, but it's really creepy because if you cut her hair and made it curly, she'd look like my sister. My sister has bright pink hair and a purple headband with a bow on it. CREEPY. I DON'T WANT TO THINK OF MY SISTER WHEN I READ THIS COMIC. THIS IS MY ESCAPE. lol

Jk, love it. ;D <333 Keep up the good work, lovely. You're doing fantastically. Feel better.


Talori: "Agh!" *brainfreeze*
Asura: Nom. Hurk. Dead. Again.

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