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July 1st, 2009, 1:50 pm

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Author's Comments:


Yay! An update on time!

Take it off Asura! Take it allllll off! XD

And um... Idk what's up with the green slime... that only appears on Talori's skin... and nowhere else... and suddenly disappears. XD *laziness*

And yay! Fang! I finally got him to look good in my style. :3 I love his design, but I completely butchered him last chapter, but I got it right... I think.

Just a reminder to PLEASE give me some kind of feedback. XD Show your support! It makes a happy author/artist!


User's Comments:

Vye Brante,

Yay for disappearing green slime! I wondered about that . . .

I like how Talori's wings look on this page and the last page. Very nicely done!


i wondered about the green slime to and i realy didn't now that purpule haired person was a dude >_<;


heh, why's he bowing down to her? is she a goddess of some sort that she doesn't know about?

and feedback wise, your shading is quite excellent! *i'm trying to study it personally XD* and your panel layout and whatnot all seems awesome! X3


To Vye Brante: Thank you! :D Wings are so difficult for me to draw, so I'm glad you think they look good. XD

To pwnlil: lol, yeah... he's a dude... ^^;

To Idene: Well, she is the Queen of the Stars. But you'll find out more about him in the next pages. And thanks! :D I'm so glad the shading looks okay. @_@

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