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June 24th, 2009, 3:24 pm

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Author's Comments:


I really thought I wasn't going to get this done in time. I got really behind on starting this, so I had to work nonstop on it. Blegh... and it looks really sloppy... not to proud of this one. :\ *pretends the last panel doesn't exist*

Speaking of which, if anyone gets the awesome reference in the last panel, you get loads of cool points.

Awwwfkajdfa. I love how Rosie looks in that one panel where she's hacking on Asura's computer. I need to draw her like that again... 'cause it's too cute. O_O

Lawlz, I wish I was funny. D:

P.S. I just wanted to ask you guys to PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give me some kind of feedback. I don't mind if it's positive or negative, but I need to know how I'm doing. And it's hard to know how I'm doing if not a lot of people say anything. XD So please, give your support! It makes a happy author/artist!


User's Comments:


aww i really like the last panel, its funny how hes getting taken out of the cinema xD!
and i have no idea O_o


yay, updates! :3
I cracked up on Talori in the golf hole. xD
and lol he got taken out of the theater? xD nice.
can't wait for the next pages! :3
I think I get teh reference! Silent Hill? o3o DO I WIN?

Hikari Yuki,

Hahaha! It's been a while since I've read this, I'm glad I came back for a visit. This whole thing is just too brilliant! Your sense of humor produces some of the most AMAZING results I've ever seen! Sheesh!


[This page is insult the quality, but this is really phenomenal work! Honestly, are we looking at the same thing here? Is your computer screen broken? I know the 'next' button is...]


To Eternal: Aww thanks! XD

To Taiiyuto: Yes! It is a Silent HIll reference! Well done! :D You wins LOTS OF COOL POINTS!

To Hikari Yuki: Aww, I'm flattered! I really am! *o* I'm so happy you like my humor and that you enjoy this comic. You've really made my day! ;o;


haha! she's like an anoying little sibling

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