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June 17th, 2009, 12:14 pm

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Author's Comments:


I told you I would have them up today. >:3

So this is the new style for GP... and hopefully it'll stay this way. XD I'm finally happy with Talori's appearance, although for some reason I can no longer draw her hair correctly. So I'm cheating by putting her hair in a swimming cap. XD

*lol's at Seahorse!Asura*

I really don't have much to say... um... *scampers off*


User's Comments:


Holy crap... Backpack is awesome!


Yay! More Graph Paper.
Huh, I've just realised how weird that name is...
Anyway, yay!


waah this comic is soo funny! great great ^^


To Panik-kun: lawlz. XD

To SuperBiasedMan: Actually, it's title Graph Paper because this comic used to be drawn on graph paper. So the title is a tribute. And I figured since the comic is nonsensical it fitted. XD

To xtrinox: It's what she does. XD And thanks!

To eternal: Aww, thank you! :D I'm so glad you're enjoying this comic!

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