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March 18th, 2009, 9:02 pm

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Author's Comments:


Sorry this page is kinda late today. :\
Homework is a pain... lemme tell ya.

Uhhh... a lot of changes of thought occurred in the midst of drawing this page. XD For instance, after Rosie does her ultra-cool but-poorly-drawn transformation/power up... she just ends up giving Asura some simple shot. XD And in a poor attempt to draw Rosie's hand, I gave up and drew a claw instead... and then a tentacle....

God what's wrong with my brain? XD

Yeah... Asura is being uncharacteristically angry... but given the situation at hand (him getting killed by Talori and all), I think this justifies his anger. XD At least that's what I'm telling myself instead of admitting that I made Asura a little OOC.

Yep... yep...

P.S. If it's not obvious, the nurse chick is Rosie.


User's Comments:


lol 67 times? lol XD man how bad is your memory? XD lol My mom has better memory and she forgets alot!


HOW DA?!?!?! HOW DA HECK DOSE SHE FORGET?!?!?! I'm really bad with my memories, and yet, I would remember killing someone... I think? Nice coloring! I love it! ^_^


lol I try to remember when someone is allergic to something, but I usually just remember one part like, "Well, I know Anastasia is allergic to SOMETHING but WHAT..." and "Which friend is it again who can't even be in the same room as peanuts or else she can die...? Uhh..."

I'm just a little better than Talori, it seems. >.>

Eew, homework. Well, why do it today when you could put off indefinitely and just fail! WHOO! No, honestly, I just haven't got any homework tonight. *dances*

I can't draw hands; I hate them sooo much. Unfortunately, it would just be strange (even for me) if I drew a claw or tentacle, while when you do it, it's just creative, funny as hell, and not entirely abnormal considering the track record for this comic. xD

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