Ch 3 Page 23

February 25th, 2009, 8:40 pm

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Author's Comments:


What's that? Do I smell a reused gag?
YES! Yes I do! XD
Oh well...
The thought of seahorses falling from the ceiling in some horrific fashion was just so appealing. XD Soo.... that's what I did. Sorry guys.

This is obviously not my best set of pages.
But I had to do 4/5 of this comic all in one day to be on time. @_@ *curses school*

Yeah... Rosie ate the seahorse... it's what she does. X3

Uh... I guess I'm done blabbering now. o_o


User's Comments:


Hmm, I wondered where they went.


l-lol. ;w; The seahorses re-appear...

Short comment this time because I'm very sick. Maggie signing off. ;)

Lite Side o' d Force,

Waaaaaah!! TT_TT RIP...


hahhaha the seahorses..! Awesome ^^ Your colouring is honestly incredible too..if this isn't your best, I can't imagine what 'best' would be cos it would be so good =3

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