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October 15th, 2008, 10:40 pm

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Author's Comments:


New pages!

Ve gets a close-up. XD Lucky him.
For those who didn't catch on, Rosie changed into a gypsy girl. D: And yes, she is using a Pokeball as a pentacle thing (I don't know these magic technical terms). And as if one copyright infringement wasn't enough, I did a rip-off of Oreos ('cause oreos are godly).

Umm... I'm proud of my candles though! D:

Sorry for the lame jokes on this one. I will try harder. D:

Graph Paper (Ve, Rosie, Talori) (c) Me (firefly376)
Pokeball (c) Nintendo
Oreos (c) Nabisco?


User's Comments:


OMG!!! I love this comic. xD It always brightens my day. x3 Thank you for updating! :D Rosie's so hilarious. xD(and that elf guy is just too cute~! . . . yes, I forgot his name >.>;;; )


I want some Omeos too


Omigosh, I feel so special! You updated just in time for my birthday! ^~^

Well technically it's my character's b-day, but mine's in a couple days! =D


Ahh yay~! You updated! You have mad copy+paste skillz, I must say! 8D

Lol Omeos.

I love her little gypsy girl costume. No actually, I just love Rosie. Such an evil little girl = 3 =

The thing on the floor would be an inverted pentacle, because satanists stole the wiccan symbol and gave it a bad rap
>:( Just, y'know, thought I'd share. >:(


OH MY GOD THIS IS MY NEW FAVORITEST COMIC EVER *just read through the whole thing*


Non-copyright-infringing prepackaged snacks are teh yummeh! =w=


how deos rosie change how she looks all the time???


Me later today: So thats why we need oreos mom.
My mom:............

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