Ch 3 Page 13

September 17th, 2008, 9:14 pm

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Author's Comments:


NEW PAGES OMG!!!!@!12!!!

Ummm... yeah. XD
I've been watching a lot of Silent Hill lately, excuse the grunginess.
The speech bubbles suck on this. Oh well.

No, I didn't forget Cam's hairband, it blew off from the explosion.
And about panel four (previous page)... um... ignore the wall color. XD It changes for funsies.

Rosie is still cute.
Oh oh oh! I GOT SOUL CALIBUR 4!!! And I made Rosie and Talori (so far), and they're both adorable.

Sorry these pages aren't too exciting. I tried. D:


User's Comments:

Go Devil Daisuke,

I love this. XD


Waii~ I love your comic quite a bit. =]


WOW!!!!!!!! hahaha... that was way funny. "lets do this is Cam's room." "okay" PRICELESS! you are amazing!




I didn't realize how much I missed this comic :')

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