Ch 3 Page 9

July 15th, 2008, 2:10 pm

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Author's Comments:


New pages today.
I did have a lot to say, but I'm in such a bad mood right now, I don't even remember what I was going to say.

Asura is dead? I didn't even notice.

And for some reason, when i save these pages, Talori's hair gets super dark.


User's Comments:

Vye Brante,

Ha ha! This page made me laugh . . . Great job!


LOL. Rosie is so smart. xD A tree in a kitchen over top of a dead guy is SO inconspicuous


I just read this all today, and it's probably one of the most adorable comics I've read in years. XD


i love how adorably evil she is XD

awesome comic keep up the good work <3

also why are you in a bad mood? :[


To Vye Brante: XD Thanks.

To Nashira: Your commentary made me laugh. :D

To Topazmagic: Thank you! Seriously thank you. :D I'm flattered.

To niffy_92: Thanks, I will. :3 I'm feeling a bit better now, but earlier today I was just getting fussed at a lot and it was grinding on my nerves. Thanks for your concern. <3


Another superb job. XD


Was Rosie always wearing that black shirt? :O

I was seriously going "O_O" when Rosie broke the window and got that branch. D: And then I was like "She's gonna poke him". But noooooo! She didn't.


Asura's gonna magically come to life when something pulled out of a fairytale happens. Like Sleeping Beauty. Talori just needs to kiss him now.


"Hide the body" that's always what you have to do, lol


HA!! SIMPLY GENIUS!!!!! no one will ever think to look under a branch lying in the middle of the kitchen!

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