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June 13th, 2008, 12:15 am

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Author's Comments:


I got more pages for YOU!

I'm totally loving Talori's and Rosie's outfits for this chapter. I should have a lot of fun drawing them. And despite popular belief, Talori has two pigtails, not one.

Tapioca makes a return.

Doesn't Cam's face look so attractive in that panel? No, I didn't think so either. XP (But if you were in her situation, you might look like that too)


User's Comments:


Sweet! Update!

Great as usual, I see. ^_^


lol, what is she adding in there XD;...


Ah, you updated!^^ yay!
I loved Talori's outfit!


Tapioca. XD


*re-read the entire comic* i feel that i had enough time since school just ended (today! woo!) and anyway i couldn't really remember what was going on :P

haha copy+paste isn't /cheating/! i prefer to think of it as...clever use of resources? yeah. the flip feature is handy too >3

lol i love Rosie :P

The_Butcher (Guest),

what is rosie holding in panel 2?? It looks like a ticket for wrong parking.


To The_Butcher: Poisons and such.



That person before was Cam? LOLOLOL. Damn, I couldn't recognize her xDDDDDD

Buuble Tea? :D

The_Butcher (Guest),

hehe, it looks like those things the police put on your windscreen when you park where you shouldn't(german version).
Your Cuteness hurts... But it is good, because the painfully annoying cuteness of Talori is the pillar of this Comic.
And then your avatar adding to this feeling... It all matches perfectly. Only the Banner is strange...

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