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May 28th, 2008, 6:47 pm

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Author's Comments:


I did it! I did it!

I submitted a new page!! XD

I certainly hope this was well worth the wait. I apologize if it isn't.
Umm... I'll try to pump out pages as quickly as I can, but I'm having a hard time scripting this chapter. But I shall try!

Chapter Summary
Talori is continuing her quest to make the perfect dinner, but what happens when there are some unexpected casualities? Talori's got to find a way to cover her tracks, or she might get kicked out for good. But just how far is she willing to go to save her own skin? Plus, without the help of Rosie, Ve's got to find another way to assassinate the Queen of the Stars.


User's Comments:


TOOTHBRUSH SONG! xD Yeah, worth it. :3 Hey, where've you been? D: When I saw the banner, I got this wave of nostalgia and was like,"OMG! Graph paper! :D" and I got all excited and stuff! xD Glad you're back! x3


Well y'see... XD

I've been gone due to a mixture of "school kicking my butt" and "lacking an Adobe Photoshop". School just ended for me, and I just got Photoshop again, so I was finally able to finish this page. :3


i must say...this is by far the spazziest, most insane, most hilarious comic i've ever read

and it reminds me of me xD (because this is the kind of thing i wish i had the patience to draw/write on a dialy basis!)

doesn't hurt that it's sodamn cute either :3


"My name is Kevin!"

I love you sooo much! You're like... a kindred spirit in randomness!


omg yay! ur updating again! :D



this page makes me smile happy things inside XDDDDD

i'm so glad your back~!


Yay toothbrush song! SEE PHYCHIATRIST, OTHER PEOPLE HEAR IT TOO! (joking...)


awww, i can't wait for more XD~~~

u totally rocks with this comic XD!!!


To fgirlmaggie: Thank you! :D I'm so glad you're enjoying the comic!

To Phantom_Crazy: Aww, you're too kind. ^__^

To: Citrus.Love: Thank you! I try. XD

To SugarPlumNeko: Haha, I'm glad you enjoy it so much. XD

To everyone else, thank you as always!


oh, i see . . . Well, glad you're back in any case! :D You're so awesome!!! >A<

The_Butcher (Guest),

Woooohooooo I found a treasure while Stalking Citrus Love.
This is awesome... Totally... Funniest random since K-E-Y.
And I am hard to please, ask anyone but Citrus.Love.


I was just looking through my fav list and I see your banner... for a moment I scroll past it, and then back up and think, "OMFG IT LIVES!!!"

8D Made my day. Just barely recovering from a flu.


To The_Butcher: Wow! XD I'm so glad that you like it so much! I hope to keep you as a reader. ^__^

To Micchiru: OMFG I DO LIVE!!! XD And I'm happy I made your day. And I hope you recover well enough! ^__^


Yup, you'll keep me. If you update soon.. Elsewise I will move it to my Check-again-sometime-list, and it may be a month till I check them again...


Y'KNOW!! You'd have to be gone for, like, five years to lose me as a fan. x: I mean... there was this comic that was on hiatus for a year and I still kept it favorited. xD That and 'cause it's no problem to keep comics there and on the off chance someone does update, you're aware...



i love teeth! my name is kevin!

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