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October 22nd, 2007, 8:04 pm

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Author's Comments:



I'm in love with that Wizard of Oz picture. X3

Surprisingly, I don't have much to say about these pages.
A little rushed/cut-off, but conclusive I think. :3

Graph Paper will experience a little hiatus, because I need to work on my TokyoPop entry (and catch up on other artworks). Also, if you are an NLMO reader as well, NLMO will be experiencing a longer than expected hiatus. :\ Sorries!! I really am! D:

Here's something to tie you over...

Next time on Graph Paper!

Talori is continuing her quest to make the perfect dinner, but what happens when there are some unexpected casualities? Talori's got to find a way to cover her tracks, or she might get kicked out for good. But just how far is she willing to go to save her own skin? Plus, without the help of Rosie, Ve's got to find another way to assassinate the Queen of the Stars.

Stay tuned for the next exciting chapter...
Forgetful and Forgotten Idiots
(tentative title)

See you then!


User's Comments:


the wizard of oz pic was just random...but hey, its awsome. a hiatus! oh noes! sigh, anyhoo good luck with that entry


Ahahahahahaha so cute. <333

Luckey Starr,

As cute as ever! lol, Talori.

I am sad about the hiatus, but it's understandable. I look forward to more of your adorable work! Best of luck with tokyopop! ^_^


si i agree. we understand. cannot wait though when the next update comes! this comic cracks me up so badly! LOVE IT!!! XD


That evilly cute expression Rosie has is the best >;O
So if Talori is a queen, she most likely didn't make her own food o-o So she's inexperienced D:

Good luck with the Tokyopop entry! What are you even doing for it? o-O What do you have to do? is more like it =o=


Hehe, love Rosie's expression :D I like the Wiz of Oz pic. Hmm...I would've liked to see someone dressed up as one of the flying monkies :D Or one of those munchkins XD


... wow... this is special... in a good way, of course...

AcenMasterX (too lazy to log on) (Guest),

to knee: Yeah, the horde of seahorses should have been the munckins.

Wait. If Joy was Rosie, why is both of them in the picture at the same time? O.O
I know! ART OF THE SHADOW DOPPELGANGER! Oh, wait... never mind. -_-


omg this comic is hilarious! xD I wish I had seen it sooner! I'm definately adding this to my favorites ... I can't wait to read more!

Nia-San (Guest),

Oh god...poor Cam...she looks like she could use a hug...or some pain killer, depending. Keep up the good work!


woo Talori is like the best roomie


T-T I wondered why NLMO was on hiatis, but this to? WAHHHHH!!!

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