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October 15th, 2007, 5:39 pm

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Author's Comments:


Who got lazy with BGs? *raises hand*
I really gotta start getting better with those...

Well, it's just surprises after surprises, isn't it?
Yep, it's true. Talori is a queen. XD *gets shot multiple times* I've got to be the lamest person ever...

Oh, did I mention Ve is pretty tall? Well, he is. As you can see, he got redesigned pretty majorly (IMO) from his original design (see character profiles). 'Cause let's face it... his original design sucked. :D But now he's stylin' with sunglasses. Don't touch his shades!! D:<

Oh, those two angel chicks are Chiki (owned by Pottercreep from deviantart) and Hikari (owned by mesapoo from deviantart), with a few alterations to fit the environment. :3 The Angels of the Stars all have star tattoos, just some have more than others... and Talori has the most (which is why she's queen!). You just can't tell because most of the tattoos are on her back, front, and legs.

Hmm... I have mixed feelings about these new pages. But I digress...
I predict there will be one more update of pages... two at most. Then there will be a short hiatus so I can work on my TokyoPop entry.

The End.


User's Comments:

Jude K.A. Boi,

A very unstable kingdom indeed


Rotflmao I love this comic! <3 Ve looks awesome. 8D
I wonder what would happen if I touched his sunglasses....xD


Talori looks so cool as a queen:D

Love this comic and good luck on your tokyopop entry^^


Haha, I bet Talori's people decided their queen was too crazy so they kicked her out :D


Weee it's been awhile since I've seen something funny. I love this comic it's so random and funny it just makes me laughXD. Me loves Talori lots XD


i totally saw that whole queen thing coming . . . ok, so i figured she was a princess - close enough!

Ve's design does look a lot cooler XD


si go TALORI AS QUEEN OF THE STARS!!!! and i love the unstable kingdom line ! XD

Luckey Starr,

Ooohh... I wanna hear the story from summer camp! Lol, Talori is a pretty queen! >.< *glomp!*

The last panel is <3...

Ooh, I wish you the best of luck with your tokyopop entry! ^_^ If you do get in, I'll buy for sure! I absolutely love your work!


damn...what summer camp did they go to? i love talori's face in the 2nd panel XD
good luck with tokyopop!


OMG! Noooo! D: All the surprises! I can't handle it! *cries*

Summer Camp? Did Talori beat him in like one of those stupid leadership activities when he was like 10, and he's that kinda guy who hold grudges forever? :'D

TokyoPop entry? >;O


I love this comic!

....Ve looks awesome. <8D


To Nashira: Thank you! X3 And to answer your thought.... bad things would happen. VERY bad things... XD

To knee: A very interesting thought. :3

To Luckey Starr: Don't worry, the summer camp story is actually part of the plotless-plot. But unfortunately, you won't hear the story until the final chapter (fifth chapter). ^^;

To Nanex: The coolest summer camp of course! D:

To Meepy: Awww, it'll be okay! D: And that's a good insight... but sadly incorrect. :3 You'll just have to wait to see what happened.

To everyone else: Much love as always! *o*

AcenMasterX (too lazy to log on) (Guest),


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