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September 26th, 2007, 4:15 pm

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Author's Comments:


See? I told you new pages were coming very soon! :D
And even more new pages should come... sometime this weekend. :3

Cam and Asura are back! XD
And now they have a hole in their roof!
How exciting! X3

Oh, and if you don't get the joke in the last panel, Asura is referring to Chapter One (when Talori cried and a hord of seahorses came to their doorstep).

That is all. :3


User's Comments:


I love this page~
Don't make her cry bad things happen she cries!

I really love tis page!!
This makes the koiister happy!

I missed them. Expelly Asura. ^^=


rofl 'bad things happen' XD so true - never make a girl cry - seahorses will seek revenge X3


I love this! Bad things happen, indeed. But have a question: How did they get to the store when they live in the middle of nowhere with no car? I mean, there is no car there, no garage, no roadfor a commute bus to get to...

Yeah, I just thought of that. Great page!


To Nicarius: The title is Graph Paper for TWO reasons. 1) It's a random title for a random-oriented comic. 2) The original comics (back in the year 2002ish) were drawn on graph paper.

To kirbyboy102: Oooo, you're nit-picky. XD lol, nah it's okay. I don't know if it's easy to see, but on the previous page there is a driveway from the front the house (which is supposed to suggest that they kinda live in a private area), which means they commute... bus-style.

To Everyone Else: Once again, thanks so much for the support and wonderful comments! X3 You are the wind beneath my wings! LOL *gets shot*


haha cute X3

Jude K.A. Boi,

Don't make her cry...bad things happen... *scribbeling down on a note pad* got it!


Oh, I see. Well, in chapter 1 they didn't have one... Maybe Talori made it when she was running back and forth? XD

Anyhow... I loved how you made speech bubbles in the first chapter, too. With the faint color behind the words. I wish you would bring it back...

Oh, and did you forget to add words tothe little blank box in the top left?


To kirbyboy102: lol XD yeah, I almost forgot that there wasn't one in the first chapter... but hey, I'm improving. :3

As for the faint color, I probably will bring it back because in some of the panels it's just too sharp of a contrast to leave it white.

And nope, I didn't forget to add words. :3 It's supposed to be a "scene change" box. Like in mangas... they add a small, blank rectangle to show a change of setting... Maybe I didn't illustrate that well enough?? :\


>;O What an awesome landing pose. But they should make her cry, I want to see the seahorses :<


that pose is awesome! like a ninja pose! or like a secret agent. XD sweet! and i love asura and how he says quietly to say yes cuz "bad things happen". great job!

Luckey Starr,

So cute! I love Asura! I was so happy to see him on this page! Lol, his expression shows how "happy" he really is. Love the page, keep it up! ^_^


hahaha, i love this page! but, seahorses comming arent bad things! hehehe, i still love the fat one XD


lol totally, maybe this time whales will come instead or seahorses LOL XD~


i love her landing pose, she looks so "professional secret agent" like it suddenly went action-packed on us! XD


I love the Hancock entrance :3


haha 'dont make her cry bad things happen' i just love this thing(:

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