Ch 2 Page 21

September 16th, 2007, 12:08 am

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Author's Comments:


As I continue doing each page, I think "how much more ridiculous can I get?" XD

Haha, I'm posting pretty late tonight. *sees that it's almost 1:00 AM*

I'm very happy with how this page turned out. I'm particularly pleased with the "heavenly light" on the first panel, and the panel with Joy in it (her gun going outside the box was an unintentional effect).
If anyone is confused, in the last two panels, Talori is escaping through the skylight windows on the ceiling/near-the-top of the building (which was broken by Joy's gun).

So what have we learned?
Mr. Rat is wise.

Run child, run!!! D:

(P.S. How does everyone like the new layout?? It's not quite done yet... but tell me what you think of it so far! :3)


User's Comments:

Uke o__o,

Hahaha! You have no idea how much I love this! xDDD

A long time ago, I found your dev page and was addicted to this. (I think it was around the start of chapter 2..hmm /:,)

..Neways, my computer was whiped and I lost your dev link. So I'm really glad I found out you moved it on here! >____<;;

Hehe, I find it funny that Cam is the "Man of the house" and Asura is a "Girl" xD
Just thought I'd point that out..

Luckey Starr,

It's so cute! I <3 Mr. Rat! ^_^

Yay for Talori's escape!

I like your new layout! At first I was like, huh? But then I realized- GRAPH PAPER! Haha! ^o^ Silly me!


the new layout is awesome so cute and love it! and i agree mr rat is very wise! and he is a real friend! :D but it's sad that she is leaving mr rat. awww...


The layout makes the comic title make a bit more sense! 8D

Mr. Rat is so... cute... cuttttteeee...

Jude K.A. Boi,

Mr. rat is extremely wise. OM!


OOOO! Cool new layout! Mr. Rat is smart =) So Talory speaks rat... *gasp* Does she understand other languagesÉ(ugh, my question marks are És right now x___x) But now Mr. Rat is going to get killed by evil Ms. Joy D:


now she is speaking rat language, is she smart or what lol XD~


hey! those wings actually work :O

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