Ch 2 Page 15

August 19th, 2007, 11:35 am

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Author's Comments:


Whoo! I managed to post some new pages! XD
I'm very surprised that I was able to do it. When I was almost done the first time, the computer ate the file so I had to do it all over again! D:

But alas... it's completed.

And my dilema is resolved! I now know how I'm going to end the chapter. =^__^=
And I think you'll all enjoy it. :3

Now about this page...

I agree with Joy... What is wrong with Talori??? XD
I mean... who talks like that when they're about to die? Besides her...

That's it. ^^; This page does not envoke much words from me. :\


User's Comments:


Great comic ^^


WHAHAHAHHAHAHA *rolls off chair* whahaha-owwwwwww >.>
Anyway, if I was about to die, I would've liked some chocolate to (was that a correct english sentence ?? probably not >.>)


But... I talk like that D: ;A;


YAY! UPDATE XD! Oh noes how sad... i'd hate to be at the mercy of someone so blood-thirsty!

Berry Philiac,

The most fearsome of all assassins wear pink uniforms and smiley face buttons.

Oh fudging Jesus :D

Luckey Starr,

More beautiful work. ^_^

I love the way you do hair! I'm so jealous!

Poor Talori, she's going to die AND no chocolate!?! The agony! (Note to self: Never ever ever ask Joy to share her chocolate...)

Jude K.A. Boi,

Nice response...

"You're death will be slow and torturous"



To Zhai: Ooo! D: Careful! Falling off chairs is a dangerous thing! XD And yes, chocolate would be a wonderful thing to have before I die. XD (and yes, that was a correct english sentence. :3)

To Meepy: And there is nothing wrong with that. :3

To Berry Philiac: But of course! D:

To everyone else: THANK YOU!!! <3 *hugs*



This comic rocks~!!!

-Rushes to fav-


love the lines! histarical! love this page. and love her reaction to talori saying that her death will be "slow and torturous!" can;t wait for the next page! :D


i love you (platonicly)gee i shure hope spelled that right


yey C:

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