Filler: The Original GP

August 8th, 2007, 8:06 pm

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Author's Comments:


Sorry! D:
No new updates just yet...

I was looking at my very first Graph Paper (which was drawn like... five years ago), and I was surprised to see how I had originally planned it. X3

The character designs were pretty different. I was going to scan in the original comic, but I didn't because A) It looked like crap, and B) it looked like crap.

Asura: I think he changed them most. :3 His hair was all spikey before (I changed it because I never drew a male character with long hair before). He also had gloves and some weird shirt that showed off his stomach. XD See? Asura has always been girly! Personality-wise, he was a lot like Toshiro (so I tried to change it to something more original).

Talori: Only minor things changed with her. Her hair was slightly longer, she had brown boots, the gloves were different, and she had no black biker shorts underneath the jean shorts. Her personality remained the same (except in the original ones she got angry a few times).

Cam: She changed a bit too. Her hair was red and her skirt was leather. X3 What really changed with her was her role in the story. First, she wasn't Asura's twin... actually, she wasn't related to him at all. She was just a person in the same apartment complex, and acted as Asura's childhood friend. Her role was more of a side-character, as opposed to the main character she is today. Her personality was the same.

There were a bunch of changes besides these. Ve and Rosie were never part of the cast. The comic had no plot whatsoever (Asura and Talori were just two roommates that had some random adventures). I'd go into further detail, but I'm redoing the original comic as Chapter 3.

New pages coming soon!


User's Comments:


Ohh... Interesting =) I'll finish reading the differences now n____n Asura changed so much...;;

Kaiarynn (Guest),

HEY I LOVED YOUR COMIC!!! I AM BEGGING YOU TO KEEP CONTINUING!!! YOU ARE AMAZING!!! YOUR ART, THE STORY!!! I LOVE IT ALL!!!! I will try to be patient, but im not very good at it. *winks* THANX!!!!!

Luckey Starr,

Wow, they did change, didn't they? The characters are recognizable, but I'm attached to their current designs. Yay Asura!! I like Asura's long hair, so I'm glad you changed it. Plus, I'm not sure about the belly-exposing shirt. XP

Lol. Lots of user comments in ALL CAPS! I have to agree, though. I love your work as well and want you to continue. I look forward to your next page! ^_^

Jude K.A. Boi,

Asura looked... kinda like the Uke in a shounen ai... now... he looks like a girl... weird...


LOL XD I'm getting attacked by CAPS LOCK!!! :D
It makes me feel so enthusiastic!! <3

To Kaiarynn: Thank you! :D I'm so happy that you like it so much!!! =^__^= I'll try to update as soon as I can!

To Shimi: lol XD *feels loved* I shall continue!

To Luckey Starr: Haha, I felt the same about that shirt. XD I remember looking at it and thinking... "What possessed me to draw that?!"

Jude K.A. Boi: lol, he can never win, can he? :3

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