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August 4th, 2007, 12:09 pm

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Author's Comments:


Woo! D: New pages! XD

Hmm... I don't think I have too much to say about this update...

Talori is so moody. XD And she sure is easily distracted. :D
And Joy... well... she likes to put television first before her work. :\ Not too professional, but hey, whatcha going to do?

After the next pages, I might be slightly slow(er) to update. It has nothing to do with school/work or anything like that.

It's just that I had already planned a script for the whole chapter... but then one of my readers made this comment, which made me rethink my whole ending for this chapter. =x__X= So I can't decide what ending to this chapter I want! D:

So yeah... I'm a little stuck. ^^;
Hopefully I'll figure it out soon. :P

Until then, enjoy these new pages!


User's Comments:


lol XD I wouldn't be surprised if she did.


Asura and Cam right they are on their way........ maybe not.


maybe she is going to fly away?

Jude K.A. Boi,

Sweet ADHD...

"It's a rerun". Isn't that just shitty?


'Good bye Limited Edition Encyclopedias!'
Awww, she's so cute. :(
Nooooo she can't die!


Ohh~ Mr. Rat :3 And oh noes! A re-run :< How unlucky...


It's a rerun well, it must be a boring rerun because I watch reruns all of the time! XD

Luckey Starr,

I love how easily Talori gets distracted. It reminds me of myself sometimes. I can be easily entertained. One day I was printing a report for school and I was fascinated by watching the paper come out... I can just see Talori staring at something like that for hours on end. ^-^


I LOVE how you do hair <333 So much. And the backgrounds are so colorful! *_* Oh man. I may have said this already, I'm not sure, but major major kudos for managing to do every page in color. It's beautiful and shows a lot of effort! <3


*o* XD
Ahahah. That's awesome. Great job. :3


To Miss-Couru: D: Who knows...

To Matilduh: Always the possibility. :3

To Pandachu: lol XD So do I. Maybe Joy just dislikes reruns. :3

To Rizu: !!! Thank you sooo much! *o* I really appreciate such a comment! XD I'm so flattered!

To everyone: Thank you for your comments! =^___^=

Lite Side o' d Force,

Huh... I have ADD...


OMG!! Shes like me! DX
its like "Blah blah blah..OH A KITTY!!!." yes.
Dammn it was a rerun!!!


xD This page made me laugh so hard "It's a rerun..." That's gotta suck


lol rerun :D

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