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July 25th, 2007, 3:46 pm

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Haha she's so serious is funny. X3


She is just to cute
She's going to make me go
Bonkers and explode from how cute she is!


haha "Careful! I'm holding a very delicate package!" Lucky Charms rocks. >XD I love your comic and I was just wondering what program you use to color it and if you draw objects, such as the sink and doors, by hand or by using the computer.


To thornmatt: lol XD Thanks! Oh, to answer your question: I use Adobe Photoshop CS2. :3 I usually sketch the objects on paper first, but then fix it up using the computers (although sometimes I just go ahead and do it all on the computer).


thanks! I really need to invest in an adobe photoshop CS2. I'm stuck using my super old photo editing system and it works fine for text, but sucks for about everything else. But anyway, thanks and still loving the comic. ^-^


LOL, ahahah!! XDD!! omg XDD!!

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