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July 23rd, 2007, 10:45 am

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Author's Comments:


Yay! :D
I'm excited about this chapter. Really.
It's gonna be really fun.

Heehee, I made an unintentional joke on this page. ^^;
Cam is complaining that her clothes are too big on Talori... but the clothes Cam is wearing right now are small. XD lol, I didn't notice that until I finished the page. X3

I loved drawing Talori in the first panal. She looks so cute! D:

More pages on the way!

Huzzah! <-- Ten cool points to people who say that.


User's Comments:


Haha cuuuute. < 3 i love their expressions in the first panel. :P
What happened in the last panel? :O


To Shimi: Thanks! :D

To lePANDA: Well... you'll just have to wait and see the next update! :3


Tsk, tsk, Cam, your clothes aren't too big on her, they're actually a pretty good size for Talori.

The meat is gonna eat her =O No more "Huzzah!" for Talori =(


i love your art! b-but, i feel retarted because i dotn see teh unintentional joke...cant you point it out please DX


Heeeeh x3 I really like this comic and you draw great <33


To Meepy: I agree about the clothes. :3 And no!! D: Talori MUST have her "Huzzah!"

To Nanex: Thanks! :3 And don't feel retarded. XD

The unintentional joke was that Cam was commenting on how the clothes that Talori is wearing is too big, but the clothes that Cam is wearing is way too small. So Cam is complaining about Talori's clothing not fitting her, but the fact is that Cam's own clothes don't fit her either.

I hope that makes sense. XD

To pumahmistress: Thank you so much! :D


But I already know what's next(though I did forget a little...) *-acts ninjalike-* But I still like reading here :'D

((I have my sources...))

And woot, I was the first to say "Huzzah!", I should get bonus points for that xDD


Nuu! Meepy wins. Huzzah! for Meepy.

What's wrong with the meat!??! OUAHDYGHEGHA! <-- Yes, that's gibberish.


hehe thanks, but wow i feel more retarted now cuz i thought it had something do to with meat DX
sigh, maybe im not eating right lately XD too much icecreammmm


O RLY. This comic is, like, awesome. And I didn't know it existed. Yet it caught my eye in the front page of the "Hot comics" list.
*adds to favorites*

Jude K.A. Boi,

she got excited about the meat aisle... O.o


To Meepy: Oh I see. :3 I understand your ninja ways... you sneaky little devil you. XD Just be sure not to spoil anything! =^__^= And yes! Bonus points for you!

To Micchiru: Woah, that's some crazy gibberish. Did your keyboard explode? XD lol And to answer your question, nothing is wrong with meat... we think... X3

To Nanex: Aww, don't feel retarded. D: And it sounds like to me that you're eating right... Ice Cream is good for a good diet. :3

To damasta: Thank you so much! I'm glad you like it! :D I'm always happy to get a new reader!

To Jude K.A. Boi: I know. =o__O= Weird, isn't it?

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