Ch 5 Page 33

September 1st, 2011, 8:13 am

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Author's Comments:


Sorry that this page is a day late. OTL I finished it last night, but it was so late (3 AM) that I went straight to bed afterwards.

Just a note here, because it's TOTALLY not clear AT ALL in the pages, but Talori's magical sparkly powers cured Cam of her rabies and forced Rosie out of her Joy transformation. And that being the case Ve should be catching on fire but... eh.

And I hope everyone enjoys how I drew Talori in a totally different style in each panel. OTL =A=;;;

That is all.

On a completely different note, Shallow Gravy's "Jacket" is a WAY more entertaining, addicting, and catchy song than it should be.


User's Comments:

Del Spaig,

This can only end well for everyone involved.


Wow. I like the castle.

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