Name: Talori Hoshiko

Age: Appears 17 (real age unknown)

Description: Talori is a fallen angel of the stars. Ever since then, she has been "trying" to get back home. In the meantime, she hangs out with her new Earth friends and has made it her goal to be the perfect housemaid for them.

Name: Asura Badrudeen

Age: 19

Asura reluctantly agrees to take in Talori after he finds her outside his home. He's twin brother to Cam (he dyed his hair). He becomes the victim of Talori's antics, and he is described as being a doormat. He has a very feminine appearance.

Name: Cam Delicia

Age: 19

Twin sister to Asura, her last name changed when she married an orange when she was five (she refused to change it back afterwards). A very independent and determined woman, she is "the man of the household".

Name: Ve Shashida

Age: 22

Ve is a demon who came to Earth to make sure that Talori never goes back to the stars. This is mission given to him so he can get a promotion in the underworld, but he has ulterior motives for trying to kill her. He has very pointy teeth.

Name: Rosie Kerensa

Age: Appears 12 (real age unknown)

Rosie followed Talori home after she met her in the grocery store. While she has a cute, innocent, and very pink exterior, she is a manipulative little girl that is prone to lying. She has the ability to transform into whatever she wants.

Name: Fang (last name unknown)

Age: Appears 14 (real age unknown)

Ever since he first met Talori, he worships the ground she walks on. This is because he admires her rather odd and supernatural powers, which believes will help him in ruling the world. However, Talori seems to not know he exists. (Fang belongs to Celeyo)

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